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Every Tuesday Argentine Tango in Highland Park, NJ

Intermediate & Advance tango class


Tuesdays at 8pm


In this class we move pass the breakout of steps, we incorporate more advance sequences for example: followers sacada, volcadas, adornments to ochos, planeos, adornments to the leader when executing a molinete or a planeo.

Doors open at 7:45pm

Class 8 -9pm

Includes a free ½ hr Practice (9-9:30pm)

Next Beginners cycle starts Jan 8, 2019


Tuesdays at 7pm


In this class we will cover all the basics of Tango. You will be able to create a solid base and clean up your steps. We will also start to incorporate adornments for both followers and leaders.

If you are looking to switch roles in Tango, feel free to join us and learn the beginning from the other side.

Doors open at 6:45pm

Class 7-8pm

Includes a free 1/2hr Practica (9-9:30pm)

Next milonga in Highland Park


Friday January 25, 2019


Special guest performance to be announced soon

Beginners Tango Boot Camp weekend


December 8th & 9th


This weekend you will learn all the basic steps needed for tango:

Walking in parallel & cross system, parada, ochos, molinete and most importantly how to incorporate them into to one dance. This is the base for all Tango dancing.

After the workshop is done we will have a practice session. Here you will be able to try all steps and be as creative with different partners.

Please contact us for more details. Please sign up before hand to help us create a leader / follower balanced workshop.

Private Classes are available with Juan Alessandrini




Cell: (646)334-3001

Email: JuanTangoDancer@gmail.com

Contact information for Jersey Tango:


Sandra Gabriela


WhatsApp: (201)723-6589

Email: sgilburt@yahoo.com